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The two most popular colors in Antigua GuatemalaStreet Portraits of Strangers — Missionary girlsStreet Portraits of Strangers — Maya womenStreet Portraits of Strangers — Maya girlStreet Portraits of Strangers — Up close, tight and intimate; that's how I like to make my portraits. How about you?Rainy season vista from Antigua GuatemalaTextures of Antigua GuatemalaThe colors of Antigua GuatemalaMeet Henry, the nut ambulant vendorTraditional Guatemalan Marimba Music at Calle del ArcoGuatemalan Smiles Are Free and AbundantFountains in La Antigua GuatemalaFranciscans Friar in Antigua GuatemalaGuatemalan snacks vs Foreign snacksCheveres or Shucos Hot DogsThe Panza Verde DietMother working on the streets selling textilesRed motorcycle on Calle del ArcoAntigua Door Knocker Surprise fullAntigua Door Knocker Surprises

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