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Street Photography — Menonite girl about the grabing snapshots of her visit to Antigua GuatemalaAntigua Guatemala Food Options — ConchasAntigua Guatemala Food Options — BurritosAntigua Guatemala Food Options — CarpaccioStreet Photography — Smartphone cameras are the de facto point and shoot camerasStreet Portraits  — Here's a reaction shot of master puppeteer Fofo.Architecture of Antigua Guatemala — The CathedralArchitecture of Antigua Guatemala — HousesTemple of San Pedro Las Huertas, Antigua GuatemalaArchitecture of Antigua Guatemala — Windows and ArchersStreet Photography — Quick touch up before my meeting. There are three kinds of images your can make of people on the streets- Candid, Portrait and Reaction shotsStreet Photography — A penny for her thoughts. Here are mine- Lines and leading lines. Light and shadows. Triangles and archesPortraits of Strangers — KristelStreet Portraits of Strangers — A penny for her thoughtsStreet Photography — Mayan smilesStreet Photography — Give a few smiles today, they are free and make a better world.Street Photography — What are they looking at?Street Photography — Hay panesStreet Photography — Follow the lightStreet Photography — The photographer and the Maya vendor

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