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Ambulant vendor in Antigua GuatemalaBig tall doors of Antigua GuatemalaStreet Photography — Santiago in SantiagoStreet Photography — Staring at my shadowSchool Parade by Calle del Arco, Antigua GuatemalaStreet Photography — You can't possibly be photographing us, right? You're too close!Portraits of Strangers — Take my pictureDía Internacional de los pueblos indígenasGive us waterElotes asados en la feriaTropical Storm Franklin in Antigua GuatemalaSunrise over Volcan Agua in Antigua GuatemalaEnjoying The Summer Season in Antigua GuatemalaArches, Rectangles and Triangles in Antigua GuaemalaCreative group portraits in Antigua GuatemalaStreet Photography — It was you, not it was him, who knows reallyFresh fruit anywhere in AntiguaMexican Music Band in Antigua GuatemalaTraditional ice cream carts of Antigua GuatemalaDumplings from Juancho Ming-2

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