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Street Portraits — Meet Win and Lou, two visual creative artist who have opted to shorten their short names. Here we are waiting for the blue hour photo strobist photo sessionStreet Photography — Woman vs The City. Who are you rooting for?Street Portraits — Meet NYChapin, a Brooklyn local with deep roots in Central America. BTW, I am ambient light photographer. Some of you may understand what that meansStreet Photography — NYC Bus RidersStreet Photography — NYC bird's eye viewStreet Photography — NYC Ferry CommutingStreet Photography — NYC Skyline with UN building in the middleStreet Photography — Black and White and Grey are the most popular colors of the clothes worn in NYCStreet Photography — The Cucurucho and The CopStreet Photography — A penny for her thoughts. Here are mine- Lines and leading lines. Light and shadows. Triangles and archesStreet Photography — Hay panesStreet Photography — Follow the lightStreet Photography — The photographer and the Maya vendorStreet Portraits of Strangers — Guatemalan boots for an awesome street style, don't you agree?Street Photography —Coffee Makes Us HappyStreet Photography — Say hola my dear, greet these visiting photographersStreet Photography — Woman taking the time to post updates for the Women's March in Antigua GuatemalaStreet Photography Indiscreet Window — Wow, you're a show stopper, señoritaStreet Portraits of Strangers — Fabi and rescued Muñeca from XelaStreet Portraits of Strangers — Police Officers on Patrol