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Framed Moorish Baroque Architecture from Antigua GuatemalaDecorated Façade of Iglesia de La MercedBicentennial Commemorative Q20 Bill — Signing of the Act of IndependenceBicentennial Commemorative Q20 Bill — Portrait of Mariano Gálvez, Father of the IndependenceGuatemalan Flag at Real Palacio de La CulturaGuatemalan Flags VendorsFisheye Inside the Ruins of Iglesia de Las CapuchinasFisheye Vista of Compañía de Jesús CorridorsSights of Antigua Guatemala- Cupola and CloudsFramed Façade of the Former Cathedral of Santiago de GuatemalaBeautiful Young Woman Posing Within a Sunflowers PlantationDía de la Santa Cruz Decoration in Antigua GuatemalaDía de la Santa Cruz Decorations in Antigua GuatemalaCerveza Antigua Flight and SunflowersMayan Portrait — Leticia from San Antonio AguascalientesMovil Covid-testing Clinic in Antigua GuatemalaCervezas de GuatemalaVista of the Volcanoes Fuego and Acatenango looming over the rooftops of Antigua GuatemalaRooftop View of Arco de Santa Catalina and Iglesia La MercedWindow Decoration in Antigua Guatemala