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Framed Rooftop Cupolas in Antigua GuatemalaAntigua Guatemala — Yellow house against a deep blue skyEarly Morning at Calle del ArcoFull Moon Setting Behind Volcano AcatenangoJacaranda Blooms at Parque Central in Antigua GuatemalaVolcanic Stone-carving of the Emblem of Santiago de GuatemalaRooftops from Antigua GuatemalaDetail of a yellow niche againts a blue sky from Antigua GuatemalaColorful Bus with Volcanoes Fuego and AcatenangoFramed Volcán de Agua from AltamiraDetail of the Façade of Ruinas de San Agustín in Antigua GuatemalaThree bells and a cross at rooftop in Antigua GuatemalaCotton Candy Vendor at Parque CentralMayan Wedding at Santa María de JesúsA old couple having ice cream in the parkPlazuela de La Escuela de CristoVibrant Colors of Antigua GuatemalaBlue and Orange in Antigua GuatemalaGuatemalan Presidential House in Antigua GuatemalaFoodie Friday — Indian Bowl from Unión Café Antigua