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Rooftop of Ruinas de Santa ClaraRed wall with lamp casting shadowWindow Ironworks from Antigua GuatemalaYellow wall with white windows and red flowersCupolas from Antigua GuatemalaBell Tower and The MoonCoat of Arms of the Spanish Catholic MonarchsVirgen de La Asunción and Padre Eterno at the CathedralAntigua Fragments -  Corner DoorwayAntigua Fragments - Colonial-style WindowBaroque Pillars of Ruinas El CarmenColonial Architecture DetailsTypical Cupola from Antigua GuatemalaThe Emblem of the Catholic Kings of SpainArchitectonic Detail of the Former Colegio Tridentinio in Antigua GuatemalaColonial Kitchen from Antigua GuatemalaEscudo de Santiago de GuatemalaArcos Palacio de los CapitanesArco de Santa CatalinaMain Cupola of San Francisco El Grande