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Antigua's Central Park at NightStreet Photography Rule of DirectionStreet Photography at NightMartini bar in Antigua Guatemala BWStreet Photography — Love in the Time ofStreet Portraits — Behing the scenes of the making of %22candid%22 street style photos in Antigua GuatemalaMayan carpenter making furniture at the Chichicastenango marketStreetPhotography — Muslim-Guatemalan Street Style in AntiguaGuatemalaStreet Photography — Santiago in SantiagoStreet Photography — Staring at my shadowStreet Photography — You can't possibly be photographing us, right? You're too close!Portraits of Strangers — Take my pictureStreet Photography — It was you, not it was him, who knows reallyCanela bakery in Antigua GuatemalaStreet Photography — Coffee shops are the true and authentic co-working spaces, don't you agree?Street Portraits of Strangers — Yes, you can find images like this one on the streets of Antigua GuatemalaStreet Photography — Once you get permission to make a portrait, pose your subject against a better background and lighting if available_Street Photography — Reaction shot of photographer mother realizing that she's be caught photographing her kidsStreet Portraits of Strangers — Manicure sessionStreet Photography — How much of our lifes is wasting making queues?